Short history of the REAL JUNTA of Harversters of la Rioja

The REAL JUNTA was stablished un the mid-eighteenth century due to the union of wine growers from 52 villages of La Rioja, with the aim to defend their interests and to combine differents criteria in regard to measures surface in vineyards, capacity , And so on. But the main purpose was to the disclosure of the name of Rioja and its wines as well as the improvement of the wines and winemaking practices.
Started working on the basis of its own funds generated through the end of the year 1786,with the amount to 1,071,150 reales (old spanish currency), which were significantly increased after January 25th 1787, when the king of Spain commissioned to the mayor of Burgos, Fuenmayor could know the amount rhey need to co collect by taxes, in order to construct the road from Logrono to Santander, to export Rioja wines through the harbour of Santarder.
For this reason, and in time on January 7, 1790, that privilege achieved by a Royal Order signed by the minister Floridablanca, which meant on the one hand granting the final route of the road and the other the allocation of 1,300,000 Reales an the king´s authoritation for collection of taxes by the REAL JUNTA.
By Royal Order of July 22 1801, the council will change the REAL JUNTA, was changer. That changed is to new formation of just 20 men from each of the parties, and 5 members from each of the 52 people vintners. We are dealing with the first traces of wine association that is known in Spain and that certainly was the born and origin of the current prestige of wines from Rioja, prior to the arrival after the French domination of various winemakers of Bordeaux, which fleeing the phylloxera in France, thay decided to established on our land based on some qualities of grapes suitable for its purpose, tradition and experiences of its own people, for the cultivation of vines and for the development, breeding and marketing of RIOJA wines.